Finally, Nnamdi Kanu provide pictures to show Dead Buhari was cloned with 'jubril' from Sudan

The self-acclaimed leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on Sunday uploaded what could be tagged as a pictorial evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari was cloned.

In a twitter post on Sunday, Nnamdi Kanu uploaded a picture showing that Buhari’s writing hand has allegedly changed.

He alleged that the writing hand changed after the president was cloned with One Jubril from Sudan.

The allegation of the “presidential impostor” gathered momentum and took a dangerous hype at the weekend following reported stabbing of a Nigerian diplomatic attaché recently in Sudan.

In the tweet, Nnamdi Kanu said: “Here we have a supposed old man between 76-85 yrs that suddenly switched his writing hand from left to right. Could the @AsoRock handlers of Jubril clarify this mix-up? We are patiently waiting for answers and I believe millions of people deserve an explanation @NGRPresident”

It will be recalled that the Police Command in Anambra recently arrested 34 suspected memtwbers of the IPOB in connection with the killing of a police Inspector in Nnewi.

SP Haruna Mohammed , spokesman of the command made the disclosure in a statement on Saturday.

Haruna said that some personnel and a Divisional Police Officer ( DPO ) were also wounded while a police patrol van was set ablaze.

The spokesman said that anti-riot Police Mobile Force ( PMF ),Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), EOD and Special Anti-Cult Unit Personnel and conventional police have been deployed to Nnewi and environs.

Haruna said that on Nov. 23 at about 11: 55 am, there was intelligence report that members of IPOB were gathering near the Teaching Hospital, Owerri Road, Nnewi with intent to cause a breach of public peace.

He said following the report, the police patrol teams led by the Area Commander, Nnewi, ACP Nnanna Ama, mobilized to the scene to disperse and prevent them from causing a breakdown of law and order.

The spokesman explained that as soon as the team arrived, the IPOB members descended on them, set ablaze one patrol vehicle and attacked them with machetes and stones.

“They marched towards the Agbaedo Market shouting “No Elections without referendum.

“The injured personnel were rushed to the hospital for medical attention; where the Inspector was certified dead by a medical doctor while the DPO and the ASP are presently receiving treatment,”he said.

He said that the police joint team have commenced search operations for the recovery of two AK47 rifles and one Beretta Pistol with ammunition snatched from the slain Police Inspector and police officers.

Haruna said that efforts were on to arrest other fleeing members of the group and bring them to justice.

The police spokesman urged members of the public to go about their lawful businesses and reminded them that IPOB remains a proscribed organisation and its’ activities illegal.


  1. Enter your comment...what is this we are all educated this is photos edit

  2. Perhaps Nnamdi KANU never did elementary physics in school. A simple example, hold a brush when any of your hand and face a mirror,or use your phone camera to snap yourself. Simple physics the gullible ones will start believing the shit he's saying.


  4. that's just it. the useless ones who has lost their thinking faculty will start believing ...

  5. these is just an Inverted scale picture.
    u can do it with even your phone,don't deceive us pls

  6. Sensible people will not fall for this cheap qnd despirate lies of your's Mr. Maybe you should try another one. Foolish idiot.

  7. Vertically inverted virtual mirror image

  8. You all claimed not to be foolish forgetting that someone could be cloned too. Our problem here is politics and tribalism. Open your eyes. Nigerian politics is 99% lies wrapped in 1% truth.

    1. Sound it to then perhaps they may wake up from their slumber.

  9. Fighting dirty is always a way to win in Nigeria. May God help us all.

  10. Where is the mirror? Where is the lens?

  11. Why do we cover the TRUTH and LOVE to be told LIE'S IN THIS NATION????

    GOD will reveal himself come this 2019.
    Please for does who LOVE the TRUTH say it and leave GOD to VINDICATE NIGERIA. GOD BLESS US, AMEN.

  12. *President Buhari, the Imaginative Clone and Human Genetics.*

    *By, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, OON.*

    Ordinarily, I wouldn't like to involve myself in the nauseating debate about the rumoured cloning of President Muhammadu Buhari and the imaginative Jibril Aminu of Sudan because it is rubbish in the face of scientific realities.

    As a Nigerian who bagged Ph.D degree in Human Genetics in congenital malformations arising from chromosomal aberrations in 1975 and had Post-Doctoral Research in mutagenesis and carcinogenesis, I consider myself as competent to comment on the needless controversy.

    For a 75 years old adult to be cloned, a living cell must be obtained and subjected to some manipulations that will convert it to totipotent cell. The totipotent cell will now undergo embryological development that will produce a young human fetus.

    It should be noted that for the fetus to grow and become a replica to a 75 years adult, it will take 75 years to grow.

    It must also be said that the phynotypical presentation of a man is a product of interaction between his genotype and the environment.

    Therefore, for the clone to look like the same man, it must be exposed to the exact environment for a period equivalent to 75 years.

    It is therefore ridiculous for anybody to think Mr President has been cloned and that the person who is the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a clone from Sudan.

    Instructively, I have had opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with Mr President before he took ill and after his recovery, there is nothing to suggest that Nigeria is governed by a clone of President Muhammadu Buhari.

    I will therefore appeal to Nigerians to stop making insinuations and statements that ridicule our beloved country in the global scientific world. 

    *Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, OON is the Senator representing Ondo North Senatorial District.*

  13. Am a typical Igbo man but Nnamdi kalu and his uncle Jubril is from another planet so Oga Buhari no mind them

  14. His Excellency Jibril Aminu welcome to Biafra. Your cloner, His Excellency the president of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will felicitate with you for Christmas and New year

  15. That guy call Kanu should come back to Nigeria and tell us is jubril, little challenge scared him.

  16. Where is the mirror? Where is the lens?


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