Pastor caught with bag of female pants, bra in Edo

A middle-aged man identified as a pastor has been apprehended with a bag full of female pants and bra in Auchi, Edo state.

It was gathered that the acclaimed pastor is known for going about to preach in the mornings, an act famously known as “morning cry”.

Accosted by members of the state vigilante, he was asked for the content of the Bacco bag (Ghana Must Go) he was always going about with.

Upon discovery, the bag contained different types of female pants and bra. He was taken to his church where more pants and bra were discovered.

In the same vein, man who disguised like a woman caught with bags filled with pants at the female hostel of  Ogun State College of Health Technology.

It was gathered that the suspect went to the hostel under the guise of selling ice cream. However, when leaving, he was found with more items than he initially went in with.

This prompted the security guards to demand a search, only to find a bag full of panties with him. It was later discovered that he dressed up like a woman to make his operation easier.

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