Buhari is the good leader Nigeria had prayed for-Fashola

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, on Friday, called on Nigerians to vote massively for President Muhammadu Buhari in the February 16 presidential election.

The minister made the call during a consultative meeting with residents of Surulere in Lagos.

Fashola said that President Buhari symbolised the good leader Nigerians had prayed for, urging the electorate to re-elect him.

This, he said, would enable the president to consolidate on his achievements.
He said: “The Buhari and APC train of progress is gaining momentum and we must finish the job that we started in 2015.

“The developmental work, the building of national prosperity is not four years’ work.
“We have spent the last four years in fighting against insecurity and corruption to build the foundation of a very resilient economy.”

He said that an ideal economy should be based on efficient and sufficient infrastructure for everybody to utilise their talents for national development.

Fashola said: “Now, the ‘next level’ means that when that infrastructure is completed, it will lead to massive explosion of growth, opportunities, job creation, manufacturing, and something of the like that Nigeria has not witnessed before.

“I am so convinced, I am a part of the plan, I see the end result.
“And I am convinced that Nigerians will stand to gain if they secure that future today with their votes for Buhari and all the APC candidates.”

He said that President Buhari’s administration had, in the last four years, recorded success in road construction, power, among others.

He said: “In over three years, we have achieved a lot far superior to what they have delivered in 16 years with more resources and time.

“Our issues of costs on estimated billing, our plans and programmes that have licensed 108-meter asset providers are far superior to anything the opposition can offer.

“With less resources and less time, we have done a lot more; just yesterday (Thursday), we achieved another peak in power distribution.

“From 5, 017, this, an all-time peak of distribution at a time in 2016, to 5, 222 in February 2017, which was the second all-time peak, yesterday, we reached an all-time peak of 5, 373 megawatts.

“I know this is not good news for the opposition, but this is clear progress.
“We will get to 6, 000, then 7,000 and beyond because generation as well as transmission is improving.”

Fashola said that the Buhari-led Federal Government had stayed true to its effort in combating challenges in the economy, security and corruption.

He said: “We have done more with less and our records surpass that of the opposition by many miles.
“Do not filter away the gains of the journey you have started. Change is difficult, it is painful but change is upon us and it has happened.”

The minister said the present administration had gained a lot by taking a decision that many people could not take.
Fashola said: “We started Operation Feed the Nation, we ran back; we started Green Revolution, we ran back.

“But Buhari without any sloganeering, just says grow what you eat and you know what has happened, rice importation has reduced by 90 per cent.
“The benefit is that Nigerians are now producing the rice and earning income from it, that is job creation locally.
“This is what an economic programme is all about and it is far superior to anything the opposition has offered.”

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