NIGERIA DECIDES: Card Reader rejects Dogara at his polling unit

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, experienced some challenges while trying to vote at his polling unit in Bauchi state on Saturday.

Dogara arrived at his polling unit at Gwaranga Primary School in Bogoro local government area at 9:45am to vote in the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The card reader, however, failed to authenticate his fingerprint, forcing him to use the authentication form to vote.

Gimbiya, his wife, however, voted smoothly with the aid of the card reader.

Speaking after casting his vote, the speaker commended the orderly conduct of the elections at the polling unit.

He said although he was not aware of how the exercise was going on in other places, INEC had done a good job if the situation is the same in other units.

Dogara, who is seeking reelection into the lower legislative chamber, expressed optimism about his chances of winning.

He said, “But this is just one polling unit in perhaps hundreds of thousands across Nigeria.

Earlier, the card reader had failed to authenticate his fingerprints but he was later allowed to cast his vote after his identity was verified using the voter register.

On what how he would assess the conduct of the polls, the Speaker said, “I think to some extent, INEC has shown that they intend to deliver a very credible, transparent and free and fair elections.

I think that intention is known but you know it doesn’t just take INEC. They would need the cooperation of the security agencies to be able to do that. My fear is that maybe that is where INEC may be betrayed.

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