I'm more real than rappers in the industry-Rapper BenWTH

BenWTH is an upcoming rapper in the Nigerian music industry. BenWTH just dropped his debut EP titled "Making Moves". Below are excerpts from the interview with BENWTH.

Introduce yourself

My name is Benedict Ihejirika,also known as BenWTH  Or Ben Way Too High.

How long have you been into music?

I've been doing music since 2010 in my SS1 back in secondary school

How will you describe your genre of music?

My genre of music is described as Trap fused with Afro vibes,let’s just say Afro Trap music

What is the experience like as an upcoming artiste in Nigeria?

As an upcoming artist in Nigeria,you have to hustle very hard to get recognition,you need to be consistent. Well I guess the sky is big enough for every star to shine.

Wha makes u different from other rappers in the industry?

My music is real and my style is unique.
The difference is that I’m more real than these other rappers.

If you have the opportunity of signing a record deal with a topnotch label in Nigeria who's label will that be and why?

None, because all they do is rip you off and make you feel like you popping,I’ll rather get mine from the scratch #TRIP GANG that’s my Label already owned by myself.

Any current project you are working on and what inspired the project?

Just dropped my New Ep titled Making Move$...At the moment I’m working on a joint Ep with FLXX (an artist in Cartel Music) set to drop sometime this month(march). Making Move$ Ep was inspired by my what has been happening around me lately,having to push something you believe in even when nobody has seen the dream..and every journey begins with a step..I got to make move$ and stop talking but also doing.

What puts you in the mood?

My everyday to day experience of being me.

A word for your fan's

Thanks to everyone supporting me in any way or the other.

Social media handles

   instagram: @benwth
Snapchat: Ben WTH

Listen to BenWTH's EP below.

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